We help Swiss companies move towards the circular economy.

The Circular Factory is an innovative program designed to make the principles of the circular economy accessible to companies. Designed and managed by dss+, it supports you in the implementation of tailor-made projects, with benefits ranging from cost reduction to the development of new markets, innovation and improved environmental impact.

A method for SMEs

The Fabrique Circulaire assists companies in 4 essential ways to accelerate their transformation towards the circular economy.

Our 2022 ambassadors

Circular economy?

A necessity for our planet and an opportunity for the Swiss economy.

  • 13%
    material circularity rate in Switzerland in 2018
  • 2.9
    planets required for the average Swiss standard of living
  • 75%
    of SMEs wish to actively contribute to sustainable development

The circular economy is an economic system that proposes to produce goods and services while limiting the consumption and waste of raw materials, water and energy sources. It enables us to create healthier material and resource cycles, generate collaborative innovation, develop new business models and create stronger local economic sectors.