A method
for SMEs

The Fabrique Circulaire assists companies in 4 essential ways to accelerate their transformation towards the circular economy.

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Analysing your company's potential and its performance in relation to its value chain is the first step in embarking on a process of transformation towards the circular economy.

The Fabrique Circulaire offers an analysis focused on your needs and the reality of your business. The aim is to highlight new opportunities in terms of activities, synergies, process optimisation and cost reduction.

  • On-site diagnosis
  • Analysis of the potential for circularity
  • Awareness-raising workshops


The success of a business transformation initiative depends on its being properly owned by managers and teams. Advice, tools and co-creation sessions will help you to define ambitious objectives and choose realistic measures to accelerate your transformation towards circular industrial or service models that use the planet's resources sparingly.

  • Business strategy consultancy
  • Circular economy communication kit
  • Design of circular industrial and service solutions


To prepare for operational implementation, La Fabrique Circulaire provides engineering and know-how in the development of sustainable industrial projects, with a strong impact on reducing your environmental footprint. At this stage, a framework and indicators for structuring and integrating the circular economy into your company's operations will be established.

  • Technical, economic and legal feasibility study
  • Tailor-made action plan
  • Operational toolbox


Collaboration and co-creation of circular economy solutions are two fundamental principles for expanding your possibilities. La Fabrique Circulaire believes in networking businesses to generate more impact, strengthen the competitiveness of local industries, and build a strong Switzerland of more sustainable SMEs.

  • Professional meetings ‘Tuesdays at the Circular Factory
  • Collaborative workshops
  • Experience sharing