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Smart parking
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Parking Meter

Parking as a Service: sharing company parking spaces

Process and impact

IEM Group is seeking to diversify its activities in the development, production, sale and installation of parking meters by offering new intelligent parking solutions in line with the sustainable mobility objectives of the City and Canton of Geneva. The aim is to optimise the use of parking spaces in companies.

The Fabrique Circulaire helped IEM to select relevant cases in which to design and "test" new solutions based on the efficient sharing of parking spaces. A series of interviews with Geneva companies and a watch on trends in the professional market enabled us to refine our understanding of the needs of potential customers and assess their maturity with regard to new offers.

This approach provided IEM with a perspective and an analysis of the maturity of these prospects in adopting a shared car park model. With La Fabrique Circulaire, IEM has built up a clearer picture of the target market, and has equipped itself with the keys to understanding the challenges of mobility within companies in a different way. The SME is now ready to continue developing these services in line with its urban environment.

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The company

Based in Genèvre and founded over 30 years ago, this small family-run electronics engineering company has become a key European player in the world of parking. Today, IEM Group is one of the world's leading manufacturers of intelligent parking solutions, with more than 30,000 pay and display machines installed across Europe and in the Asia-Pacific region.