Stoll Production SA

Fruit and vegetable production
  • Canton VD
  • Sector AGR
  • Employees 120
Illustration Stoll

Support for feasibility studies for co-product recovery

Process and impact

Stoll Production wanted to give value to unsold fruit and vegetables, previously perceived as waste. Within the framework of La Fabrique Circulaire, a model has been developed to understand the financial and environmental impacts of each stage in the co-product recovery process. This techno-economic and environmental model is intended to help Stoll Production SA make informed decisions.

Our related offer

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The company

Stoll Production SA is part of the Stoll Group, a family-run market gardening company founded in 1982 by Willy and Roland Stoll. The group is made up of two entities: Stoll Frères SA, which handles marketing and product development, and Stoll Production SA, which focuses on greenhouse and open-field vegetable production.

Stoll Production SA is committed to the production of high-quality vegetables. Thanks to environmentally-friendly farming practices, the company cultivates a wide range of products, including field crops, field-grown vegetables and greenhouse-grown vegetables.

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