La Nébuleuse

Craft brewery
  • Canton VD
  • Sector AGR
  • Employees 23
Illustration La Nébuleuse
  1. 06.2023

    Entry of La Nébuleuse in the LFC program
  2. 08.2023

    Kick-off of the local CO2 recovery project
  3. 08.2023

    Estimated CO2 production by the brewery
  4. 11.2023

    Identification, analysis and prioritization of potential applications for local CO2 recovery (simulation of technical-economic models)
  5. 12.2023

    Identification of partners for a collaborative project
  6. 02.2024

    Set up of a collaborative project with partners
  7. 04.2024

    Submission of collaborative project to SPEI (Canton of VD)

Process and impact

From the outset of its collaboration with La Fabrique Circulaire, La Nébuleuse expressed its desire to work on resource efficiency, optimizing their use and avoiding waste. Efforts focused primarily on the CO2 resource, with the aim of recovering the CO2 emitted during beer fermentation, and valorizing it with other local players who use CO2 in their production.

After estimating the actual volume of CO2 produced by La Nébuleuse, La Fabrique Circulaire identified the various possible applications for its recovery. These were prioritized on the basis of a simplified technical-economic analysis. At the same time, La Fabrique Circulaire identified partners motivated to design a collaborative project with the aim of creating a "local CO2 ecosystem", made up of producers, buyers and traders based in Romandy. The first exchanges were fruitful, and led to the submission, at the end of April 2024, of a "sustainable collaborative project" to the SPEI (Service de la Promotion et de l'Innovation du Canton de Vaud), subsidizing the project up to CHF 100k.

Our related offer

  • Metrics, improving the environmental impact of the business
  • New business models
  • Recycling and reuse loops
  • Zero-carbon SMEs and circular economy strategies

We'd like to thank La Fabrique Circulaire for its professionalism and guidance, and look forward to getting to ambitious with this ambitious yet strategic project.

La Nébuleuse - Kouros Ghavami
Kouros Ghavami Cofounder and production manager, La Nébuleuse

The company

La Nébuleuse was born from a project between friends of its three founders: Arthur, Jérémy & Kouros. They have been producing craft beer since 2014. The objectives are to produce beer conscientiously and to bring a product that brings emotion, while participating in the life of Lausanne and French-speaking Switzerland.