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Eco-innovative luxury watches
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Boitier de montre

Development of a circular economy benchmark for the manufacture of luxury watches

  1. 01.2022

    First draft of the circular framework concept
  2. 08.2022

    Workshop: definition of criteria and scoring
  3. 11.2022

    Validation of the circular framework

Process and impact

ID Genève is a new watch brand whose mission is to influence the luxury world towards greater transparency and circularity.

The idea of developing a "circular framework" with La Fabrique Circulaire arose from the need to reconcile ancestral Swiss know-how with the expectations of new generations of consumers. The tool aims to assess and improve the circularity of a watch according to a number of criteria for "less resources and carbon, more social responsibility and transparency".

Open, scalable and systemic, it is intended to be a source of inspiration and reference for watch brands.

In a collaborative and complementary spirit, La Fabrique Circulaire provides methodologies and expertise in the circular economy, while ID Genève contributes its knowledge of the sector and its network.

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We were looking for an external viewpoint and expertise to help us mature our approach and challenge ourselves. La Fabrique Circulaire is the perfect partner to help us think about the future.

Singal Depéry Cofounder, ID Genève

The company

Founded in Geneva in December 2020, ID Genève is a new watch identity whose production chain is entirely based on sustainable development and the use of circular materials.